In The Know Learning Cycle

Self Awareness & Conceptualization:

In order for learning to occur, participants must be willing to learn. In the Know’s customized training programs are designed to guide adult learners step by step towards their own personal “aha” moments, where they recognize that there may be alternative and more effective ways of doing their jobs.

We allow program participants to build upon their past learning, personal approach and inherent knowledge, by enhancing this base of knowledge with additional and unique skills and concepts.

Active Experimentation:

We use experiential learning methods, giving participants – regardless of their personal learning style – the opportunity to engage in the learning process and optimize their ability to retain and apply each new skill taught.. Participants are encouraged to periodically take on the role of the facilitator throughout the training, which showcases their experience and knowledge for the group’s benefit.

Transfer of Learning:

Your training investment will meet and surpass the objectives you’ve set for your program only when participants use the skills they learn on the job. In the Know’s unique learning environment ensures that all participants are provided with ongoing opportunities to apply their new skill sets during our programs and in post-training. It’s why our programs are so successful and why our customer relationships are so longstanding.

Reflection, Observation & Collaboration:

In the Know recognizes that adult learners need time to reflect on their learning, as well as have feedback throughout each stage of the learning cycle. We employ customized progress journals, success challenges and dynamic role play to consistently guide participants to a place of true understanding, allowing them to optimize their learning experience.