Mystery Shopping

“Mystery Shopping” is, quite simply, a customer’s eye view of your company. It is an outside perspective that helps evaluate the quality of your customer service.

Your organization would benefit from Mystery Shopping analysis if you are seeking to:

  • Improve customer relations
  • Uncover any deficiencies in sales/customer service skills
  • Find recommendations for suitable training programs
  • Enhance your customers’ shopping experiences

Our Mystery Shoppers simply interact with your business as regular customers would, except they report back to us on their experiences. They may measure customer service based on any number of criteria, including the time it takes to gain attention from a salesperson, the usefulness of help received, as well as often ignored elements such as cleanliness, organization, price and atmosphere.

Every organization is different, so how they want to be perceived is just as unique. Our Mystery Shopper analysis begins with a thorough needs assessment of your organization to ensure that the criteria and reporting methods we use are appropriate for the information you need.

Phase I: Analysis and Criteria

We develop a Mystery Shopping analysis or scorecard with you, ensuring that the criteria mirrors your ideal customer experience.

Phase II: Mystery Shopping

We personally and carefully choose the Mystery Shoppers we use to ensure all data collected is unbiased, fair and accurate. If your target consumer is of a particular demographic, you are welcome to request a suitable type of Mystery Shopper to ensure a typical shopping experience.

Phase III: Mystery Shopping Report

Once the customer experience has been reported back to us, we combine numerical data, graphs, written descriptions and our Mystery Shoppers’ comments to give you the full picture.

Phase IV: Presentation of Findings

We first present the results of our Mystery Shopping report with upper management. Once reviewed, we create presentations to explain our findings to your in-store management and personnel in a clear and useful manner.

Phase V: Recommendations

Rather than simply handing over the data, we also provide helpful recommendations for your management and personnel to implement, so you can immediately begin to enhance the quality of your customers’ shopping experiences.