Training Program Development

In the Know guides our clients through this proven process, to custom design comprehensive, hands-on training programs that provide organizations with lasting impact and real results:

Step 1: Process Needs Assessment

We need to familiarize ourselves with your organization before customizing the curriculum to contain concepts and examples that are relevant to your team. We conduct this research by gaining an understanding of management’s objectives as well as by asking program participants to complete questionnaires and take part in one-on-one learning needs assessment interviews.

Step 2: Customization & Development of Training Programs

The information collected from participants is used to tailor our curriculum to fit the needs of your organization. Using actual experiences faced by your people on a daily basis, we develop role plays that reflect real-life situations and compile workshop materials and using pertinent industry specific examples.

Step 3: Implementation of Program

After custom-designing the curriculum to fit your company’s needs, we implement the program using effective adult education techniques and philosophies. For example, we encourage participants to discuss their experiences, take part in group discussions, as well as join in learning games and role-playing exercises. We believe in creating an interactive learning environment where people can engage in the learning process and have an opportunity to practice their new business skills in a safe, comfortable setting.

Step 4: Follow-up

During each stage of In the Know programs, we continually collect valuable feedback from the participants. In addition, formal evaluations are distributed at key points in the training, with the results shared among both the learning group and management. This allows us to make ongoing and appropriate adjustments to the curriculum so that we can continue to accommodate the group’s and the marketplace’s evolving needs.