Technical Support

We have taken every measure possible to ensure that this site, it’s pages and the content contained within them are accessible to everyone. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send them via email to

Standards Compliance

The pages of this site have been written to comply as closely as possible to current web standards. The following steps have been taken:

xHMTL - the pages of this site validate as per the W3C specification. This is not an option. Nor is it a judgement call on our part. Software can deduce whether or not your syntax and structure is correct. These pages adhere to XHTML Strict 1.0.

Structure - all pages within the site use semantic, structured markup. H2 tags are used for the main section headings. H3 and H4 are used for the subheaders. P and UL tags are used for most of the content, with TABLE tags only appearing when tabular data is presented.

When TABLES are used, they are marked up to provide indication as to their use for screen readers.

Visual Design

The visual layout of this site uses cascading style sheets. Only relative font sizes are used. This allows for user-specified text size options in visual browsers. If you access this site in a browser that does not support cascading style sheets, the content is still legible and coherent.


This site was put together by the fine folks over at the In The Know. All content is written and maintained by them.

KIK Associates created the visual look and feel of the site as well as strategic planning for marketing.

Visual Lizard helped with the design, programming of the valid xHTML, the back-end systems and developed the content management system for