MTS Connect

MTS Connect has been employing the services of “In the Know” Info to conduct quarterly Mystery Shops at the 13 MTS Connect locations across Manitoba since December 2002.

In the Know” Info:

  • helps us develop a Mystery Shopping Analysis Sheet that the Mystery Shoppers use to rate the customer service and sales skills of our retail sales representatives
  • creates comprehensive quarterly Mystery Shopping Reports that outline the shopping excursions results on a per location and per criteria basis
  • provides training recommendation on a per sales representative basis so that we can take direct, developmental action to improve our customers experience at MTS Connect
  • offers consultative expertise to review progress and facilitates training sessions as required

The Mystery Shopping program has provided us with a tool to analyze and improve the sales skills of our retail sales representatives and it has had a direct impact on our training efforts and ultimately, our sales results.


Gabe Tougas
MTS Connect Sales Manager

NEBS Business Products

Thursday October 26, 2000


I want to thank you for your recent involvement in our NEBS sales training program at Horseshoe Valley. The groups enjoyed your sessions on the material related to “Who moved my cheese?” In a time of change the topic and the insight you brought to coping with change helped many individuals discuss and overcome their concerns.

We look forward to your involvement as we develop effective policies and procedures to include in our new NEBS sales training manual. In particular the areas dealing with working from a home office will require some new thoughts as more of our people start moving to this environment versus the sales office structure they are used to.

The role of District Sales Manager will be changing significantly as they move to managing groups of 3-5 people to more diverse groups of about 10 people each. Our new NEBS District Manager Training Manual will have to dedicate a portion of the training on how to become very effective with remote Sales people and at managing time including travel to maximize results.

As we move forward with the training of both our field sales force and the new management structure we look forward to your thoughts and contributions in helping NEBS become very successful with the direct sales part of the organization.


Pierre Barrette
Vice President, Direct Sales
NEBS Business Products

DTZ Barnicke

DTZ Barnicke – Winnipeg
A-430 Dovercourt Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3Y 1N4

August 7, 2008

To Whom it May Concern:

“In the Know” has provided ongoing professional sales training and surrogate sales management services to MMI Commercial Real Estate, and later DTZ Barnicke, since June 2007. This consisted of the following:

  • Regular sales team meetings
  • 1-on-1 coaching/training meetings with individual agents
  • Development of performance action plans with individual agents
  • Development & Updating of Performance Charts
  • Regular Updated Listings Results per Agent/Team
  • Summary Meetings to formulate an action plan

Working with In the Know is indeed a pleasure. Their upbeat attitude and energy was contagious and they have truly driven our sales force to a higher level.

Martin McGarry

DTZ Barnicke